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Worried about the monthly arrival of your electricity bill?

At $5.57/Watt of solar electric system installed in your house, the electricity bill will be reduced to 1/3 as compared to your regular electricity cost each month. With a monthly bill of $210 you can save up to $80 with a properly installed solar electric system in your house. In fact a properly designed and installed residential solar system can even reduce your net electrical consumption and electric bill to nearly $0.00 per month. And if a solar system can reduce electric bill to $1,000 per year, not only it increases the value of your house but also allows you to use your saving on other important expenses.

Start saving $ from day one

In order for you to eliminate the anxiety of uncertain electricity bills, replace it with low monthly fixed rates and start saving from the first day. The cost of solar power system is nothing compared to what you pay for your electricity bill each month. Clary Solar, being a local San Diego solar installer, understands how people in Central Valley have to deal with fluctuating power bills between seasons and therefore offer flexible financing options based on your financial goals.  If you want an initial project estimate and are interested in solar for your residence then why not begin by filling the free consultation form.

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Clary was very professional in their presentation and very accommodating to adapt to my needs no matter how trivial.Their sale was very low key and straight forward and never said a bad thing about their completion.

Kelvin Olson

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