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Clary Solar is a San Diego based Solar Installer and was established in 2008 with the specific mindset in helping San Diego customers decide the perfect solar solution to their residential energy consumption needs. Our solar experts ensure that our customers maximize the potential of their solar systems by scheduling a free site visit.

A free site visit gives residential customer the ability to address all his concerns directly with our company representative. The Solar expert is responsible for answering all customer concerns before proceeding any further. He would also help customers evaluate what specific site in home is favorable to get maximum sunshine exposure to solar panels round the year.

Our company bears strong relationship with multiple solar industry partners to provide customers with solar panels ranging from LG, Solar World, CentroSolar, Conergy and many others. Even SunPower panels can be obtained without signing a lease agreement with SunPower.

Clary Solar follows a systematic approach to the installation of solar system. Over the years, we have consistently tried to improve the process by getting feedback from our customers. The timeline to complete the install is already provided to customers. Our team of experienced professionals maintains consistent communication with customers, informing them every step of the way.

And that’s not all, thanks to our strong financial support we are grateful that we can provide our customers with long term post installation maintenance of their solar systems unlike many other solar installers who leave the burden of maintenance solely on shoulders of customers.

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Clary was very professional in their presentation and very accommodating to adapt to my needs no matter how trivial.Their sale was very low key and straight forward and never said a bad thing about their completion.

Kelvin Olson

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