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Clary Solar specializes in providing solar electricity for solar applications. We aim at providing our customers with the highest quality commercial solar installation at the best possible value. With the skyrocketing electricity prices and a dramatic drop in the price of solar power over the last 18 months, there is no down-side in investing in your own renewable energy source for your business. We will cover all your financing options, feasibility road maps, installations and manage services. Solar energy is a sound investment for your company or commercial building to save money on utility costs, aiding in increased environmental responsibility. Your every commercial solar installation project will be assisted by dedicated project managers who will guide you throughout the process and deliver the best installation on time within the defined budget.

cost savings with commercial solar

Types of Commercial Solar System Installation

Ground Mounts
Ground-mounted PV systems are great for a commercial setup, given the vast space for easy installation and design. It probably is the easiest way to mount solar panels and are designed to handle 1 to 8 solar modules. They are constructed with poles planted in the ground and fixed with concrete to keep panels and racking safe from environmental hazards and tilted at the optimum solar orientation. Single and dual axis tracking can also be incorporated into the ground mounts to boost panel output. Production-based incentives often induce system owners to utilize trackers and squeeze more energy from their arrays. As a result, tracking is usually incorporated in ground mounts for large-scale systems of one megawatt and more where the economics make sense over time.

Roof Mounts
Solar panels mounted on roofs of commercial buildings make the most sense, when feasible. Building roofs usually provide a large amount of space for panels even after deducting area used by HVAC equipment and skylights. The empty space on a roof becomes working space with solar panels for 30 years and more. Panels are more secure on a roof and are often totally hidden by the building’s parapets. The sunlight absorbed by the solar panel also improves the thermal efficiency of the building. 

Car Ports
Solar carports are becoming a very popular way for businesses to go solar. In the Southwest, solar carports have drawn more customers to retail outlets and employers have found their workers much more willing to pay for parking if their cars are covered during scorching summer days. Solar carports are win-win projects for business owners as they win over customers and employees while they drive down the high cost of electricity. Many companies want to put up Solar Shade structures. When we put up a solar shade structure the Federal Tax Credit/Grant covers for 30% of the cost of putting up the solar shade structure as well.

We help in developing a photovoltaic system which is fully integrated into the facade of your building, both functionally and visually. It is the most cost effective way to make a completely glazed facade to convert sun rays into energy. The system will be able to produce power even in the areas where there is no direct sunlight. Hence solar panel facade is the easiest and the most effective way to produce power for your building, benefiting you with reduced internal solar heat and improved indoor lighting quality.

Reduced Operating Costs with commercial solar system

Solar panels partially or completely replace your local energy utility and therefore lock energy prices for at least 25 years. With the rising electricity prices of about 5.5% every year, commercial solar installation will stabilize your electricity bill and reduce it to 60%. What you would spend for solar power will definitely be less than the cost per unit of your current energy costs which is likely to be much higher . Think about all the benefits of having lower, fixed operating costs enabling you to invest in more important things than pay electric bills every month.

Reduced electricity bill with solar

Return on Investment (ROI)

Government incentives and decreased solar equipment costs means that investing in solar power for your public agencies and businesses is a good financial decision. Without any doubt, installed solar panels in your building will generate both long-term saving and quick payback.

Go Green with Solar Power

Investing in solar tells your customers, partners, clients and the public about your commitment to corporate social responsibility. It shows the care you have for the environment  and its impact on others and the generations to come. Going green with solar energy not only reduce your operational expenses but will also be great for your company’s image, as it generates positive response from customers.

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